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Wednesday, May 31st 2017 - late breaking clinical news

After hours brought news of two late breaking clinical resultsAurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc.  has been selected to present late breaking oral presentations at two upcoming medical conferences. These include: 1)  The 54th European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association’s (ERA-EDTA) Congress;  and 2) the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR) 2017, on June 3th-6th, 2017, Madrid, Spain and June 14-17, Madrid, Spain, respectively. As noted on the Aurinia web site: "The selection of the 48-week data from our successful AURA-LV Phase 2 study for two late-breaking oral presentations during these key medical meetings underscores the high impact of the results to the broader physician community, said Neil Solomons, M.D., Aurinia’s Chief Medical Officer. “We look forward to sharing our findings and highlighting the importance of developing a potential therapy for active lupus nephritis."
Presentation 1:  Steroid-Sparing Efficacy of Voclosporin in Activ…

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 -- Buyout soon?

Will the buy out happen before the end of P3?
I think it will, and there's a precedent for this.   Read about the Biogen purchase of a late stage biotech.   Biogen experience Also, Ariad was purchased because of Brigatinib, which was not approved until five months after the buyout.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks everyone!


Late breaking study on Voclosporin to be presented in Madrid

More good news. Here's the title the session with  late breaking news to be presented in Madrid on Sunday June 4th.

"Steroid-sparing efficacy of voclosporin in active lupus nephritis: stable kidney function and BP without electrolyte complications at 48 weeks James Tumlin, Chattanooga, U.S.A."

The source is the program for the "54th ERA-EDTA Conference, Madrid Spain:

See: ERA-EDTA Conference Program p. 78

More to follow, and please tell us what you know about any prior research on this topic.

Kind regards to all,


ps Thanks to Lunacy for first spotting this news!

The Dumbest Things Ever Said about AUPH

This is a competition about stupidity.  I want to record all the incredibly dumb things said about AUPH, and then vote on a winner.  Only rule here is that you have to be quoting something someone else said. (Or if you've written something really dumb yourself, well, have at it!)

Let me kick this off with an entry from the infamous Biotech Researcher of iHub lshame. This is what he posted today on iHub.

"We are now in a no-man's land, with the next support at about $3.90." BR, on iHub, 5/26/2017.

Friday May 26rh, 2017 - Rough day yesterday

How are you holding up, Auphians?

As for me, I get that this is a long term proposition. And yet, it's still really hard to see nearly 5% of my holdings go up in smoke. I think one thing that helps in staying OFF of iHub, where the trolls are out in force. They just make things worse, so best to give them a miss.

Best regards to all,


From Vid: Reflections on iHub's Biotech Researcher

The constant insidious comments by BR were very rarely deleted and were there to try to erode the confidence in AUPH which most of us share. His recent assertion that Wainright's analyst stated that another dilution would be necessary very cleverly failed to mention that Wainright's analyst made that assertion about the need to fund the marketing effort AFTER approval, but NOT the approval itself which is fully funded. A typical example of a bullshit half-truth by BR. There are infinite examples of other half truths, blatant lies, and innuendo with which BR attempts to further his agenda of getting some novice retailers to doubt themselves and this investment. He is a heartless bastard who doesnt give a crap about the people he is hurting, especially the patients who stand to lose the most if their life saving drugs are not approved because investors like us pulled our funds from the companies which need those monies to sustain their operations because of the bs from people l…

Welcome Vid!

I would like to introduce Vid, who I will hopefully lure into commenting with this post. Vid is a fellow Ariad survivor, and was the first one over at iHub to recognize the potential of AUPH.

Over to you, Vid.

iHub has been hijacked by trolls

Yup. iHub can't get rid of "Biotech Researcher," aka BR.  It's both a win for BR (the troll), and a huge loss for iHub. Their platform loses value and credibility when they refuse to take action on perma-trolls that derail the discussion and distract investors from their efforts to just honestly share information and opinions on the equities they own.

So shame on iHub for not taking action to resolve this.

I'm going to cease and desist on posting there until the troll (BR) problem has been resolved, and credible, valuable posters have been reinstated. I've already cancelled my premium membership some time ago. I suggest you do the same.

With kind regards to all

Trading Cyclist (aka TC)

Welcome to The Auphians

Welcome, Auphians, this is your site.

This is a troll free place where we can share the Auphian ride to success, and endure in good company all the bumps along the way. I am structuring this as a semi public forum where a handful of like minded investors can post freely with out censorship. It will take me a while to set up and vet the public posters, so thanks in advance for your patience.

That said, I'm dedicating this blog to Vidpok, the guy who saw this was a good company when most of had never even heard of it.

Stay tuned, and I look forward to travelling with all of you.