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Shorts are gettin' busy

Short interest is up by...hold for it...588% since the beginning of the year. 
If you don't believe me, check my math from the NASDAQ table below. Total short shares was 1.65 in January, and last report is coming in at 11.4m shares. That's about a 7 fold increase in shorty has made...betting against us for the last 11 months.

Ok, now, so what??

What this means is that in the short run, we might are and may continue to be facing rough seas. Get ready to throw up every day or two.  We lost nearly 30% over the last 30 days (today we're up, thank God), but things are rocky...just in case you haven't noticed.  And given the massive, 7 fold increase in short interest, they might stay rocky....or just go down (like they have taken ADXS down to 3...from 8).  Let me say that again. We might actually see AUPH at 3, in the short term, because shorty wants to bring us down, down down - and the 11.4 MILLION short shares are evidence of that. So, set your expectations. The short te…