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Partnership in AUPH's future?

AUPH: Now that Ph3 for LN is underway (AURORA Trial), where do we go from here...

Aurora Trial update:

-Phase 3 has commenced and off to a strong start having 26 trial sites already enrolling patients, and expected to have upwards of 200 sites total for a full enrollment of around 320 patients. 
-This is a fully blinded study, with no interim data. Enrollment is expected to take 12-18 months, and top-line data is expected following the 52wk period of the last patient enrolled. 

Any other catalysts in the meantime?

-CEO Dr. Glickman has informed everyone that they plan to announce this fall their plans of seeking additional indications for VoC. 
-VoC has been studied in over 2600 patients for various conditions and indications. VoC has performed very well in a few of those trials. For various reasons when AUPH was formed they decided LN was the best opportunity for their first approval. 
-Glickman confirmed they will be seeking multiple additional indications, with Dre Eye Sydrome (DES) being…