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Check out ADXS

It's worth taking a look at ADXS.

The stock is at a 52 week low as a result, so says the rumor mill, of a well coordinated short attck.  It lost over 40% of its market cap in a matter of days without any material news or events, either good or bad.  Additionally, the board booted the CEO that wanted to go it alone and replaced him, months ago, with an  "interim" CEO that is on loan form a firm that specialises in health sector mergers and acquisitions...any of this sound familiar, Ariad fans?  Making matters more interesting is solid science, a diversified pipeline with four major franchises, and partnerships with four of the six major biotech firms (including Amgen). 
My reading of the tea leaves is that they will sell the company in the next three to six months, a year at most for around $1b, or about $21 pps. This is pocket change for Big Pharmas that are hungry for new products as older lines go off patent or are replaced by innovations, particularly in the genetic …