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The art of forgetting

Forget AUPH. 
Really.  Just forget it.  Get busy with pottery, or gardening, or take a bike ride. But forget you own this stock, because if you don't you might start trying to trade the waves, or maybe sell and buy something shiny. And you'd regret that, when the rest of us are overjoyed when we wakeup one fine morning when the company has been sold at $40 per share.

So just forget about it.


Buy Out Soon?

Do we really have a two year wait?  My guess is we do not. I believe that big pharma is watching, they understand the science and the gold mine that this company is sitting on. They are not going to wait two years, as they would miss the boat. This is going up for sale in 6 to 12 months.

Hang on to your shares for dear life.