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New Indications?

When will we hear?

Now there's chatter on new indications for voclosporin?  When  will we hear, and will it be at this event?  





  1. Off topic re ADXS: Hi Vid, hope all is well with you and yours. I recall your interest in ADXS from some time back and wondered if it's now a good time to buy it. Wondering what your take is on it re recent weakness, etc.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback and thanks again for all your insights re AUPH.

    1. Hello Moose. I was in ADXS early in 2017 but sold it to buy more AUPH. I thought their efforts to utilize Listeria to boost the immune system sounded promising but Voclosporin seemed to me to be a better bet. I have not really followed ADXS but at this very low price I may have to revisit it. I am not up to date on recent developments regarding ADXS but will let you know what I think after I do some reading. Regards, Dave

    2. Unless ADXS is acquired fairly soon then there appears to be the need for further funding to support the 2018 trials. I would guess a dilution will occur in the near future after which I would consider getting back in as their science is compelling.

  2. Just wanted to say hello and for everyone who understands the process....our time will come. Anyone with the courage, knowledge, and patience to be invested in this company while it remains in single digits is going to make a fortune. It may not be this month, or this year, but at some point this company will have its lead product approved, and will be acquired shortly before or after that happens, for multiple billions of dollars. This will happen within a relatively short time. Stay strong and don't let the bastards wear you down. Hope to see all the AUPH longs in Victoria for the celebration after the buyout and hoping we can get Dr. Glickman to be our guest of honor.

  3. Hi Vid,
    Today's MF article "Why Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Could Be a Gold Mine for Growth Investors" echos your thoughts:

    Best to you and yours,
    Thanks again for all your insights, input, etc.

  4. Moose, Thanks for the kind words. You, Lunacy, and a few others provide invaluable contributions to the Ihub board and expertly refute the purveyors of fear and distortion who are beginning to understand the futility of their efforts. In my 25 years of investing in biotechs I have rarely seen as attractive an investment as AUPH is right now in so many ways. Today's presentation just reinforces what we already know. I particularly liked hearing Glickman say that he may consider multiple additional indications beyond those about to be revealed in October pending future developments. Voclosporin may very well become a platform medication useful in multiple indications in much the same way as prednisone and a few other meds are utilized for a variety of conditions . Glickman is fully cognizant of the larger picture and said as much today when he stated he is reluctant to partner prematurely before the full value of Voclosporin is realized. We are very fortunate to be here at the start of this most exciting company. Thanks for your great posts and always nice seeing you here.

    1. My apologies for the delays in your posts hitting. I had to switched to "moderated" (meaning I have to release a post before it appears) b/c Grandma was spamming the heck out of this site. Hopefully these small delays are worth the price of getting rid if her/him/it. Best regards to all. TC

  5. Thanks for keeping the riff raff off this board TC. Best wishes.

  6. I see the loser 2da is posting on the Ihub board. It was just a matter of time before that schmuck had to give us his 2cents (which is about what he made from Ariad). The fact that he is bad mouthing AUPH is consistent with his record of always being wrong on everything that happened during the Ariad saga. At least now he admits to being the short he became after he lost most of his Ariad investment at the flash crash of '13. Of course that didn't work out so well for him when the rest of us made a fortune last January which was the ultimate payback for his years of trying to get even with the company by his nonsensical and laughable efforts to attack Denner. If this loser is back to attack Glickman and AUPH then I may consider doubling my shares. His track record is perfect, always wrong.

  7. 2017 will be history soon. Then a short two years until we will know whether or not Aurinia was, in fact, worth our time. I have not seen anything that would suggest otherwise. Quite the opposite, Dr. Glickman is executing his plan with precision and clarity of purpose. His transparency is unique and seldom found in the ranks of CEOs of small biotechs. For the record I will be surprised if the upcoming announcement of additional indications will provide the impetus many are expecting for a surge in the sp, at least not right away. Instead, perhaps a temporary increase next week, likely to be followed by a corresponding decline after the announcement as the forces which control the sp continue to keep an iron grip on the price. Having said that, there should be a slow but steady increase in the sp over the next two years leading up to approval or buyout. I continue to think that a sp in excess of 35 can be expected when we are acquired. That will justify our decision to wait patiently for another 2-2.5 years with no guarantee of that result. I still haven't found a better investment of any kind although I am looking constantly. Let me know if there is one out there.


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