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The art of forgetting

Forget AUPH. 

Really.  Just forget it.  Get busy with pottery, or gardening, or take a bike ride. But forget you own this stock, because if you don't you might start trying to trade the waves, or maybe sell and buy something shiny. And you'd regret that, when the rest of us are overjoyed when we wakeup one fine morning when the company has been sold at $40 per share.

So just forget about it.



  1. This year is flying by, two thirds over. Then 2 fast years go by and the drug should get approval. Buyout for 37 -60 by then.

    1. I am happy to wait, and feel helthier now that I no longer frequent LieHub. What a horrid way to waste time.

  2. At least we can wait in style with the Ariad winnings

  3. Nice reply to BR's latest stupid post tonight by zzaatt. If AUPH goes to 4 which could happen if the market crashes, I am sure many of us have funds in reserve to buy the hell out of it. Not that I am hoping that will happen, I have enough shares already. Actually with the incipient news about the second indication, if the market crashes a lot of scared money may be headed in AUPH's direction as I think AUPH may be considered a somewhat safe harbor as it years away from having an approved product. No matter what occurs this Fall, there is absolutely no good reason to sell that anyone has found. Only ridiculous statements like the sp HAS to stay above a certain number without any reason as to why. Assholes like BR like to get weak retailers to doubt this investment. All that does is move the weak shares into stronger hands, ultimately helping the rest of us. So good luck with that.


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iHub has been hijacked by trolls

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So shame on iHub for not taking action to resolve this.

I'm going to cease and desist on posting there until the troll (BR) problem has been resolved, and credible, valuable posters have been reinstated. I've already cancelled my premium membership some time ago. I suggest you do the same.

With kind regards to all

Trading Cyclist (aka TC)